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Our own homemade soppressata or dry sausage.  Sweet or spicy.  Made with natural casing.  Aged approximately 3 weeks.   

Home Made Italian Salumi

    • Keep refrigerated
    • Item will continue drying in storage
    • White powdery substance on casing is normal
    • Black or dark mold is not good
    • Cut off dry portion where previously sliced and continue enjoying
    • Once product is sliced it must be consumed within a few days, as flavor begins to diminish
    • Soppessata casing should be removed prior to eating, though it is natural, it will be tough to chew and is undesirable.
    • Dry products can last a long time when stored properly, i.e. a lower humidity drawer in your refrigerator, and wrapped in thick wax paper or plastic wrap.  
    • If you want to remove entire casing, (to use entire piece at one time) wet exterior generously, score it with a sharp knife and you should be able to peel it off easily.   Do not peel entire casing if you want to store it.
    • any questions feel free to call or email


  • All items will be weighed and priced at time of order.

    We use usps priority mail shipping,  so shipping will be determined by the size of the box used.


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